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Get Quotes and View Benefits for Dental and Vision Insurance Plans for Families and Individuals in Virginia
Please check out the new $3000 benefit Maximum Plans by Spirit Dental & Vision. These plans offer benefit limits much higher than what has been the industry standard for individual coverage. You have a choice of two networks and you are free to select the indemnity plan if your dentist does not accept insurance. These plans are just “what the doctor ordered” when you consider the reality of dental service cost nowadays.We make finding great and affordable health insurance in the Commonwealth of Virginia easy by offering the most popular plans from Virginia favorite insurance carriers like Virginia based Dominion Dental that offers Group Dental Plans and multiple Individual and Family Dental Plans under the Teethkeepers Platform which is steadily growing in acceptance and membership due to the quality of benefits and reinbursment levels.We also offer the Individual and Family Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental plan that likely has the widest acceptance in Virginia. The Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan for Virginia is a PPO plan that has very good preventive care coverage.Security Life Dental Plans are Indemnity Plans that have no network restrictions. Additionally the Security Life Dental Plans have no waiting periods and available Vision rider. You may also opt to increase your annual coverage level upto as much as $2000. This is the plan you want if your dentist does not accept insurance or if you already have PPO coverage and are looking to bolster you coverage.

For Northern Virginia residents Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield offers both a PPO Plan and an HMO plan. These plans are very low in cost and offer access to the large CareFirst Dental Network at pre negotiated rates. While these plans do not offer any provider compensation for services other than preventive, the plans do ensure that you get CareFirst network rates for dental services by seeing network providers. These plans are only recommended if you intend to get services in-network.

It is important to note that when it comes to Dental Benefits nowadays, considering the fact that Dental Charges are so high and most Insurance plans have plan maximums, that lower cost dental plans that offer network pricing do provide an overall great value to the consumer.

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